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With roots as a manufacturer of health food products, Herba Prima Marketing Sdn Bhd (HPM), which was founded by Datuk Dr Che Che Din Rozmey with my late wife, Noor Halawiyah Shukri Abdullah in Bandar Darul Aman Jaya, Jitra, Kedah has created a new phenomenon to the user in this country.

Operating in early 2006, Datuk Dr Che Rozmey who is a specialist maternity and gynecological skills as a physician for the health products menformulasi Jus Mate 5.

Touch and bold action that results when success after success created by the founders of the HPM.

 Bold action coupled with the concept of honesty, sincerity and patience to face the test thanks to God led to the extraordinary success of his own to not believe the success is very fast.

Beginning with a shared office Jitra Medical Centre (JMC), which then became the catalyst for its income, HPM ahead with the very fast when successfully built a business empire in a period of two years.

JMC is now building houses more than 300 employees of HPM from various units on duty 24 hours to provide friendly services to consumers and distributors.

Success after success is created when products, especially Jus Mate5 first member benefits to consumers. Sale and use of new concepts that dipratikkan by Dr Rozmey to fruition when the testimony of thousands of users appear to give recognition.

Tsunami hit new HPM business when print media used by Dr Rozmey to declare victory testimony feedback contingencies until forced to increase its services including the introduction of online buying system.

 After four years of operation, people should be proud HPM achieved until the company spearheaded by indigenous entrepreneurs are able to stand the mighty with other companies in this country.

The new brand by Dr Rozmey accordance with the development of HPM leads to the development of new business arm as dR Rozmey Skin Care, dR Rozmey Slimming Beauty Fitness Centre (RBSFC), dR Rozmey Body Shop, Fashion dR Rozmey, dR Rozmey Sport Wear and Movie Production.




Dr. Rozmey – Ideal Pretty Healthy

Weightloss pyramid.

Weightloss pyramid


Trigger a new revolution in health and beauty industry, the name of  Dr. Che Rozmey Che Din not be introduced again, suddenly his name is noted after the product formulation Jus Mate5, a dietary supplement known, to mention only Jus Mate5, will remember Dr. Rozmey.     

It is clear that dietary products are considered among magic users who successfully lose weight also acknowledged paved the way for their strides as entrepreneurs.     

Dr. Rozmey, will now also introduce a variety of beauty products with a ‘Dr. Rozmey ‘ as a ‘ trademark ‘ products.     

According to Dr. Rozmey, he will continue to actively formulate new products are best to help people live healthy and beautiful.     

“There is useless if we are pretty but not healthy, so I start with the  healthy supplement products. Jus Mate5, for example, they help consumers lose weight, because everyone knows obesity is to expose a variety of health problems.  When the body back slender, it is not only avoid the risk of disease, but consumers are more confident with their skills.  As a bonus, if it is successful we offer excellent business opportunity with Herba Prima Marketing Sdn Bhd (HPM) to sell the Jus Mate5 and our other products with great income plan. We have many testimonials to achieve an extra income of four and five figures just being role model themselves as consumers. It is clear that prior to sale and use, effective way to convince consumers, ” said Dr. Rozmey.     

The success has led Jus Mate5 Dr. Rozmey active in formulating new products such as dR Betes (diabetes), Doc-K (joint and muscle pain), dR-8 (for points) and dRQ10 (for heart).     

Last is dR Silky another great miracle product research and observation of Dr. Rozmey combine selected products, acting naturally help shape a woman’s body especially the hips and breasts that are assets of the body beautiful woman desired by all.     

“The response to the dR Silky and promote existing products will convince me to formulate beauty products.     

They have been formulated and the wait time to market, this is a gift to all women who care about their health and want to beautiful and interesting all the time because of two things is to give women confidence in a successful distributor of HPM products, ” said Dr. Rozmey with confidence.     


Section of the article quoted from the feminin & family magazine /53rd Edition / January 2010      

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